We always pack and ship with care, safety, speed and security in mind. At HKA96815 we are conscious of our environment and try to use the least amount of packing materials with the most cost effective shipping methods. In order to offer the the lowest shipping prices possible your items will be packed very tightly in these containers. Please use care when opening the packages as the items can be damaged in the unpacking process when using any sharp objects. It is recommended that the edge be carefully cut to remove the items. Please let us know if you need to have your items shipped in a larger package for any reason and we will do our best to accommodate you. Packages coming from Hawaii may have a transit time slightly longer than expected. All shipments sent from Hawaii will travel via air mail. Tracking will be provided for all shipments.  

USA Shipping

We have partnered with the USA amazon fulfillment network to help reduce costs and get our items closer to you around the nation. Most single item purchases will be shipped from a fulfillment center near you for fast delivery. We offer a variety of shipping services that can be chosen during checkout. Free shipping is offered on all items and packages shipped with this service should reach the destination within 10 - 20 business days. Tracking will be provided for all shipments. 

International Shipping

Items to be shipped Internationally will normally be shipped directly from Hawaii unless specified otherwise.