8 oz Ultra Moisturizing Hand & Body Lotion

Maui Babe

$ 12.75 $ 24.00

Maui Babe
Ultra Moisturizing 
Hand & Body Lotion

"A local Secret"


Brought to you by customer demand! This ultra moisturizing lotion is the one way to show your skin you truly love it! Pamper your skin and keep it well moisturized with the AMAZING ingredients found in this lotion such as, Macadamia Nut Oil, Vitamins, and the soothing effects of Aloe Vera! Healthy, Smooth, and well-nourished skin can be achieved and maintained with daily use. You have now found a year round moisturizer that will strengthen your skin’s moisture barrier and build resilience to everyday drying conditions. Love your skin and moisturize with Maui Babe’s Hand and Body Lotion! This lotion will replenish your skin’s moisture barrier while strengthening your skin’s resilience to everyday drying conditions. (available in 8oz Size only)


Purified Hawaiian Water
Aloe Vera Gel
Macadamia Nut Oil
Stearic Acid
Cetyl Alcohol
Propylene Glycol
Propyl paraben
FragranceAloe Vera Gel, Macadamia Nut Oil,

Anti-Oxidants (A,C,& E), Glycerin


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