Lion 100% Kona Coffee Whole Bean 24 oz

Lion Coffee

$ 57.39

Lion Coffee Hawaii

100% Kona Coffee 24-KARAT

24 ounce of pure Kona Coffee 

 Light Medium Roast

whole bean

In Hawaii, there’s a strip of land (along the western slopes of the Hualalai and Mauna Loa volcanoes) called the Kona Coffee Belt. It's a tiny strip of land, about 30 miles long and barely one mile wide. According to the laws of the state of Hawaii, only coffee grown in the rich volcanic soil of the Kona Coffee Belt can be labelled "100% Kona Coffee." All other coffee grown in Hawaii is Hawaiian Coffee, but not Kona Coffee. Kona Coffee beans comprise about 1% of all coffee grown in the world. Which means Kona Coffee is one of the most rare (and best tasting!) coffees in the world. 

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