Gourmet Gift Bag 100% Hawaiian Coffee 10 oz

Hualalai Estate Coffee

$ 27.03

Hualalai Estate

100% Hawaiian Coffee

Gift Bag - 10oz ground

medium dark roast 

We tried to create a great gift idea by taking our Hawaiian coffee and placing it into a high quality canvas bag that looks like you spent way too much. In each of these bags is 10 ounces of coffee - you can never get enough of a good thing

Our price-conscious coffee, these beans are grown as Kona coffee, but once milled, are too small to make our cut to be called Kona Coffee. The beans are smaller, but because they are separated from Kona Coffee before roasting, they are given their own roasting techniques to bring out their own unique flavors. This Hawaiian coffee is significantly better than most other Hawaiian coffees out there because it was grown in Kona where the climate and soil produces a more flavorful coffee. Compare our Hawaiian coffee to any other Hawaiian coffee and notice the remarkable differences.

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