100% Kona Coffee 7 oz

Hualalai Estate Coffee

$ 30.23

Hualalai Estate

100% Kona Coffee

7 ounce

Premium Estate Kona coffee is noticeably better than other estate Kona coffees because we do not use the lower grades of Kona coffee

  Most estate Kona Coffees are called 'estate' because all of the beans come from the same property or estate, and they all get roasted together.  Due to the nature of coffee, sizes vary, so roasting different sized beans together leads to an inconsistent roast, with some beans being over roasted, leading to a burnt taste. Since we roast only uniform beans together, and roast at a temperature that brings out the perfect balance for that size, we get a more uniform and consistent roast. Compare our Premium Estate whole beans with the whole bean of other Kona coffees, and the visual difference is noticeable. Taste them side-by-side, and the difference is unmistakable.



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